The Modena Consort is one of the first ensembles to perform Renaissance polyphony on the transverse flutes of the time.
The group was found in 1998 in The Hague, and consists of a singer, a four-part flute consort and a pair of lutes. The group’s repertoire explores different aspects of renaissance polyphony; from the meditative and intricate polyphony of the late fifteenth century of Josquin de Prez’s generation, through the jubilant and mischievous world of Italian Frottole and dance music.
The consort has performed in various venues and festivals in Holland, Belgium, France and Switzerland, and was invited to perform in international meetings dedicated to the renaissance flute.

The group's first CD with the German Cornetto label, dedicated to music at the court of Maguerite of Austria, has appeared in August 2007.
The instruments used by the consort were made by consort member Boaz Berney after originals in the Museé Instrumentale in Brussels.