This program explores one of the richest epochs in the history of music in the low countries; the Flemish school of composition at the end of the fifteenth and beginning of the sixteenth centuries. The services and music of composers – singers such as Obrecht, Josquin, Agricola and de la Rue were sought after by courts throughout Europe, from Italy to Germany, France and the Netherlands

Our program will focus on music from the court of Marguerite of Austria, Queen of the Netherlands from 1506 until her death in 1530. The music was chosen from two chansonniers, or songbooks, found today in the Royal Albert Library in Brussels.  These two manuscripts contain Chansons and Motets of many Franco-Flemish composers associated with or directly employed in Marguerite’s court: Hayne van Ghizeghem, Pierre de la Rue and Alexander Agricola among others. The chansonniers were a part of Marguerite’s extensive private library and were most likely compiled for her own use. Both documents are important evidence of the musical life cultivated by Marguerite at her court, first as the Duchess of Savoy, and later as Queen of the Netherlands.
Programs:Lust hab ich ghabt zur musicaIo ti lasso dona hor maiThe Chansonnier of Marguerite of Austria
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