A journey through sixteenth century Germany

This program takes us to the eastern side of the Burgundian-Habsburg Empire. And includes works by composers active in Maximilian’s Hofkapell: Senfl, Hofhaimer, Isaac and Reneri, as well as some by contemporary composers, like de la Rue and Josquin who were associated with the court of Marguerite of Austria and Philippe the fair. Maximilian was an important supporter of the arts and of music in particular.  He employed composers and even instrument makers in his court and was greatly interested in instrumental music.

The pieces represent a wide variety of forms: The old-fashioned Tenorlied, some through-composed German songs of Flemish influence, and instrumental pieces.  Some of the pieces were probably initially conceived as instrumental, like Isaac’s La La Hoe Hoe and the Hofhaimer Carmen – these are virtuoso pieces, exploiting a large range, which show the instruments at their best.
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